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Costa Rica Retreat

Renew Your Health & Well-being
from the Inside Out

October 21th - 28th

Have you been longing to submerge yourself in a pristine and lush spot in the world? How about taking a healing journey in a safe place? What if you could do both things at the same time?


JOIN US On Our Fall
Costa Rica Retreat!
We are so glad that you are here, because we have designed an incredibly revitalizing, rejuvenating, and healing retreat in a pristine and secluded location in the one and only Costa Rica! There are THREE main components to what we like to call “The Ultimate Healing Experience” that makes this 7 nights/8 days retreat unlike any other.

For price information and to register today, call (813) 531-4900 or send us an email to . We have only 2 spots left.

Four years ago, after working with thousands of patients at our Acupuncture clinic and observing how they are experiencing many health problems, we realized that the current fast-paced, immediate gratification, and tech-oriented lifestyle we live in, is becoming a huge contributing factor to the poor health state of our country. We ourselves also felt stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued carrying that type of lifestyle. It was then when we decided to embark on a journey to find a place where we could recharge our mind, body and spirit in a way we never experienced before.

We visited many places such as the Blue Ridge Mountains and Ojo Caliente in New Mexico among, but it was not until we landed at a very special spot by the rain forest in Costa Rica that we realized we found what we were looking for. This was it, the first time we came back home feeling a sense of well-being we had not felt before. We immediately started brainstorming how others could benefit from the amazing gifts this place has to offer and we created our first Conscious Mind Mastery Retreat experience in March 2020.

You see, it has been our life’s work to understand what the body needs to experience profound healing. And, as we came to understand the healing properties of nature and its connection to the needs of our body, mind and spirit, we then designed a program where all the components work synergistically to promote an accelerated healing process for each of the group participants. We realized that there are THREE main components that cause this transformation:

Retreat Components That Will Promote
Your Transformation:


Boost your body with healing foods:
The freshness of the food plus the nutritional content is like live medicine entering your body and starting the immediate healing process you are looking for. The rain forest region near the Arenal Volcano by La Fortuna is popular for its abundant source of food. But it is not just the quantity of food, it is the quality of this food.  The soil is extremely mineral and nutrient dense providing the body with an amazing nutritional boost. In our retreat, every single meal we eat is vegetarian and farm to table.

Recharge daily with Tai Chi and Qi Gong:

Every morning we connect with our heart entering in a coherent state and proceed to move our bodies following the wisdom of ancient disciplines such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi. These are not the usual stretches and weight lifting or cardio routines you are used to, these are exercises created with the goal to bring forth a high energy cultivating experience where instead of finishing fatigued, you finish feeling supercharged. Qi means energy and Gong means gathering.  These routines will revitalize every cell in your body while it uses the gathered energy for cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. 


Rejuvenate with nature’s healing power:

It is when you submerge your body in the pristine rainforest, healing hot springs, and glorious waterfalls, that nature delivers the healing you are looking for at its best. This is no common healing experience, it is a synergistic transformation from immersing yourself in a place with the highest amount of negative ions, minerals, and Phyto-nutrients and how these get absorbed by your body causing the most incredible healing chain reaction. Besides, your mind enters the most profound state of relaxation while you surrender to a wonderful feeling of peace and joy from being surrounded by the amazing beauty of this place.

Invest in your health because without health you can’t really enjoy anything in life. If you are ready to experience an amazing healing in a safe place while having fun with like-minded people, this is for you!

We have limited spots available. For price information and to register today, call 

(813) 531-4900 or send us an email to acupuncture.naturaltherapies@gmail.comWe have only 2 spots.

What Do Others Think?
The Retreat is definitely near the top of my "Grateful List" for 2021!  You provided well-organized, non-stop adventures that stretched my imagination as well as my physical capacity.  I really enjoyed being able to visit so many beautiful places in one week and the modern, air-conditioned buses you provided made it so comfortable.  Thanks for an amazing time and for your sensitivity in caring for any special needs I had on the trip.  You two are the Best!


Beverly N.

Thank you Claudia and Justin, this was the best vacation I ever had, the memories will last forever. I felt connected with Mother Earth in Costa Rica Pura Vida! I really enjoyed with all the group, including your children, little angels 🌍 ♥️🐞 ❣ 🥰.

Rolly M.

Thank you 🙏 Justin and Claudia for this amazing trip and everything you have done. Because of you I have found more home land that I fell in love with 😍, learning all the wisdom, Taichi, qigong and exploring the land of opportunities. ...Thank you, each and every one of you in the group, we had such a wonderful journey together. May we all keep the fresh clean air and the rain, the waterfalls, the volcano, the stunning flowers 💐 with us here. ♥️♥️ 🌿😍🌋😍🍝🧘‍♀️.


Kim D.

Don't wait! We have limited spots and we are receiving daily inquiries from people who are ready to experience the benefits of a truly restorative vacation. Our past retreats have transformed our participants' well-being and this upcoming retreat will be no exception. Don’t let this wonderful healing adventure slip out of your hands. 

If not now, then when? If not with us, with who? We would love the opportunity to embark on this beautiful healing journey with you.

Why wait? Call/text (813) 531-4900 or send us an email to We have only 2 spots left.



  • Local transportation to/from Airport and ALL the places we will visit. 

  • All entries to parks and sites. 

  • All lectures, activities, and meditations. 

  • Accommodation: Single or Double occupancy. 

  • All meals 

  • Gratuities to tour guides, bus drivers, waiters, and the host of where we are staying.


  • Airfare to and from Costa Rica 

  • Charges for personal services (i.e. laundry, drinks, telephone calls, personal clothing) 

  • Any item that is not specified as being included.

  • These are no longer required: COVID Travel Insurance and a negative Covid-19 viral test to get back to the US. See info @

Retreat Experience Components


Remineralize your body with coconut water, fresh local fruit/herb smoothies, and fresh spring water from the volcano region for a full day.  The coconuts are sourced from the local area and are opened at the time of consumption, which maximizes the absorption of energy/electrons from the fruit. We usually consume between 140-200 coconuts among the group members.  That’s a lot of flushing of toxins!  Coconut water is known for having multiple health benefits including: alkalizing your body, remineralization, cleaning and detoxification of your organs and lymphatic system, and many more.  Researchers have identified 5 different kinds of electrolytes in coconut water, and in WWII they used it as a substitute for blood transfusion due to lack of blood supply with great success.

Enjoy vegetarian meals made from mostly organic food, which is grown organically in the local volcanic soil and watered with highly ionized rain water from the rain forest region. As we move through the week, our bodies will experience a process of re-mineralization from the rich minerals and dense nutrients found in the food sourced from this lush rain forest region.  Note: Commercial US farm land should have 70 trace minerals in the soil, currently it is about 7 trace minerals with the addition of many chemicals. 


Guided tours and activities such as: Cacao and Chocolate Farm Tour and an opportunity to craft your own chocolate bars; Organic Farm Tour to learn about real healthy food, herbs, sustainability/permaculture, and optimal growing methods; Esencia Natura Rain Forest Tour in an untouched pristine prime rainforest; Trek from above down a trail into the rainforest to the La Fortuna Waterfall, and more.

Experience the ancient healing benefits of bathing in two amazing Hot Springs located in beautiful settings among tropical forest vegetation.  When you bathe in these healing waters, there are many processes your body goes through such as exposing the body to extremely high levels of negative ions that promote super health and longevity.  Detoxing your body and reabsorbing high concentration of minerals, not to mention the complete de-stress that melts away all tension and lowering the death hormone, cortisol.  Hot springs help with some skin issues, pain, and many more that we will discuss in Costa Rica.  


Daily guided Tai chi, Qi Gong, Dao Yin (Chinese Yoga), meditations, and workshops. Teachings are vast, covering multiple topics such as: permaculture, local organic farming, sustainability, food preparation and cooking methods, HeartMath techniques, Chinese medicine, use and benefits of Costa Rican and other global herbs for health and longevity, energetic flow in the body, qi gong foundations, ley lines of the earth, vortexes, ancient Chinese concepts of nourishing life for health and longevity, quantum physic ideas and concepts, types of energy in the environment such as ions, electrons, photons, why they are important, where they come from and any significance, 5 Elements, Yin Yang, Ba Gua and Numerology, plus others relevant to the topic and timing. Everything will connect and be part of special teaching to help your life.

We are also happy to announce that we are incorporating a special HeartMath® program in this retreat where we will not only be able to learn the foundational techniques, but also apply them in various settings (including at the various sites we will visit).  These techniques have been created by the HeartMath® Institute and will be guided by Kimberly Gray, RN, BA, HMCT. When you incorporate these tools in your daily life, you will experience less stress and anxiety while balancing your mental and emotional aspect, which in turn connects you to higher possibilities.


COVID-19 Update

These are no longer required: COVID Travel Insurance and a negative Covid-19 viral test to get back to the US.


See info @

Remember, life is not about the material accumulations but the loving memories and experiences we accumulate along the way. If you feel a heart’s desire to go, listen to it before opportunities slip through your hands.
Act now, seize the moment!

For price information and to register today, call (813) 531-4900 or send us an email to We have only 2 spots left.

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