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Kimberly Gray

Kimberly Gray RN, BA, HMCT, HTCP/I is a holistic RN, Certified HeartMath® Master Trainer/Coach/Mentor and a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor. A registered nurse for 38 years, Kimberly’s career path has been focused on Integrative Medicine and the use of holistic healing modalities in both patient populations, as well as for employee and community wellness. She was the founder of the Healing Touch Program at Baycare Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida in 2004, where she developed, planned, implemented and facilitated the growth of the Healing Touch Program, to include a volunteer Healing Touch Program. She has been viewed as a “pioneer” in bringing holistic modalities into the healthcare settings, supported by being featured on ABC, CBS, Bay News 9 and Bay News 9 Espanol. Also, she held an instrumental role in the expansion and further development of the Integrative Medicine and Integrative Wellness programs at Tampa General Hospital from 2007-2013.

Since 2013, Kimberly has been a passionate advocate as an independent consultant and trainer in the areas of Integrative Medicine/Wellness and the use of HeartMath® tools and technologies to support heart-based living, the cultivation of increased resilience and improved human performance. Additionally, as a member of the HeartMath® Master Trainer Team, Kimberly supports global virtual training events for HeartMath® Certified Resilience Advantage Trainers.


Kimberly is honored that her heart, focus, skills and enthusiasm have cultivated opportunities to speak at national/international conferences, as well as to consult with leadership of healthcare facilities and other organizations regarding integrative medicine/wellness and HeartMath® Programs to support patient-centered care, staff resilience, personal self-care and community wellness.  Additionally, her path has included opportunities to directly support and work alongside other consciousness leaders such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani and Joe Dispenza, whose work she deeply respects, practices and follows.  


Her personal motto, “Self-Care IS Healthcare”, drives Kimberly’s passion to share tools, technologies and holistic methods for individuals to create health and wholeness using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach. She is delighted to be a facilitator, along with the organizers of this event, to support you with tools to transform your stress and assist you with maintaining increased resilience and vitality.

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