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  • ORIENTAL FOOD THERAPY: FOUNDATIONS AND BODY TYPING (Postponed until after the Costa Rica Oriental Food Therapy Conference)

  • ORIENTAL FOOD THERAPY: SEASONAL APPROACHES (Postponed until after the Costa Rica Oriental Food Therapy Conference)

  • BOTH SEMINARS (Postponed until after the Costa Rica Oriental Food Therapy Conference)


Oriental Food Therapy is an ancient system of returning balance to the body.  Many of the ancient physicians, such as Sun Si Miao, have stated that food and diet were the first methods to treat patients and that acupuncture and herbs should only be used if food and diet didn’t work.  


The past physicians left us a complete system to use.  Through my studies and research, I found that by using body typing to understand each individual based on philosophies of TCM such as yin yang, 5 elements, and 8 principles have helped out significantly when treating patients.  Food is categorized based on season, temperature, flavor, channel, and organ entered.  By learning these well, it is easy to come up with food prescriptions and recipes for the patients.  And most importantly, how their current diet is contributing to their state of health. With a solid foundation, one may identify a body type and choose food to help create a balance within the body, thus returning an imbalance of yin and yang and 5 elements back to harmony.   

Cooking methods that can change and influence the temperature of the food will be taught in detail in order to help create balance. Seasonal approaches to food therapy based on the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine will be explained in detail to help synchronize with the corresponding season, color, element and organs in order to create a larger harmony based on seasonal balance.


With Oriental food therapy foundations, body typing, food qualities and seasonal balance, one will be able to identify each individual and help create yin yang and 5 element balance with foods characters and qualities.

For the past 16 years, I have incorporated Chinese food therapy into my practice with beautiful insight and benefit to countless patients.  For over a decade, I have researched and studied with many masters regarding food therapy, studied Tibetan Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Functional Medicine, and also modern research regarding the microbiome.  I eat my medicine daily as food and consider it my first line of health maintenance and prevention.  


I am excited to share what I have learned and have put together.  I have taught acupuncturists, patients, and those with an affinity to using Oriental wisdom to return and maintain health to their bodies.  I refer to the collection of what I learned as the “Fire Diet” because the Digestive Fire is the most important aspect to help maintain super health.  A robust digestive fire is equivalent to an ideal microbiome or a supreme earth element in Chinese medicine.  It is in the center that everything is attached and that everything springs from.  

Dr. Justin Fontanini DOM, AP



  1. Practitioners will learn a systematic approach to use food therapeutically according to Chinese Medicine. Integrated with yin yang, 5 elements, and 8 principles, the core will be focused on the 7 body types. (Hot, cold, damp, dry, deficient, excess, and balanced).

  2. Practitioners will be able to identify 7 body types according to 8 principles, yin yang, and 5 elements.  This will help practitioners easily identify body types according to Chinese medicine. Each body type will be broken down into qualities, characteristics, and symptoms that are associated with each body type.

  3. Practitioners will learn characteristics of food according to temperature, flavor, color, channels entered and how to match them to the patient's body types. Food will be taught according to its flavor and taste (bitter, sweet, spicy, salty, sour), temperature (cold, cool, neutral, warm, hot), and channels entered (lu, Li, St, Sp, Ht, Si, Ub, Kd, Pc, Sj, Gb, Lv).


Date: TBD

  1. Practitioners will learn the energetics of each season and what flavors benefit each season. Each season will be described in relation to its corresponding element, allowing practitioners to know what food grows in what season, what food/flavors will benefit the corresponding organ, and how to care for and promote balance and harmony within each season.

  2. Practitioners will learn about cooking methods that benefit the seasons and also dietary principles according to 5 elements and yin and yang. Cooking principles will be taught in relation to its energetic influence on food in addition to food's energetic qualities and what to eat during each season.

  3. Practitioners will be able to come up with a diet plan for each body type using food and seasonal approaches, that are all based on yin and yang, 5 elements, and 8 principles. Through TCM diagnostic methods a body type will easily be identified.  One will be able to choose foods to balance the body type imbalances and also be able to balance seasonal imbalances using a seasonal eating plan.

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Testimonials From Our Past Students
Justin is so knowledgeable and so passionate about this subject. He is very generous and truly wants to spread the information to help as many as possible.

Kendra Lay, Acupuncture Physician, Applied Clinical Nutritionist

This information has helped me to strengthening my knowledge about Chinese food therapy.

Moika Renaud, AP, LN

There was an incredible amount of information given and the comprehensive delivery made it digestible. 


Rhonda M. Giddings, AP, L Ac., M Ac., LMT

I am so impressed with the amount of work Justin has done to develop this program.

Ingram Caswell, AP

Justin Fontanini, DOM

Justin Fontanini, DOM, AP

Justin Fontanini has practiced Chinese Medicine in Florida for the past 18 years and has given over 45,000 acupuncture treatments.  He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician licensed in the state of Florida.  He is also a registered herbalist with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  

 Justin Fontanini is the Chief Medical Physician at Acupuncture and Natural TherapiesHe is an acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner.  He is a certified qi gong and tai chi instructor. He has extensive training in qi gong, tai chi, dao yin, meditation, oriental food therapy, yi jing acupuncture, and herbal medicine.  He is also one of the creators of Conscious Mind Mastery programs that hosts events on health, qigong, meditation, and consciousness. 


Through Conscious Mind Mastery programs, Justin has led multiple health retreats in Costa Rica with the focus of learning being about diet, Oriental food therapy, qi gong, tai chi, and meditation.  Justin is currently approved by the board of acupuncture and Ce-broker to teach and give CEU’s to licensed acupuncturists about Oriental food therapy, TCM and qi gong.  Justin has studied extensively with the HeartMath Institute and not only uses their programs with his patients but teaches them at retreats and health events.

Justin has incorporated Oriental Food Therapy into his practice since 2006.  Justin has given countless workshops and seminars, and hosted retreats with a focus on Oriental Food Therapy in his clinic, on his Health Connection podcast, on zoom, in health food stores, at conferences in hotels, and also internationally at week-long health retreats.


 He has his own podcast called “The Health Connection” where he teaches about health, Chinese Medicine, and Oriental Food Therapy. He created Conscious Mind Mastery Programs with other partners where they host events at Hotels and guide retreats to Costa Rica where they visit Organic Farms and teach first hand Food Therapy with Oriental  Medicine  guiding principles while offering CEUs for Acupuncture Physicians.


Justin Created the Fire Diet Healing System after over a decade of research and clinical experience.  He developed an online platform for his Fire Diet Healing system based on Oriental Food Therapy.  It is currently up and running and has students currently enrolled in it. 


Justin has previously been approved for 26 hours by CE-Broker to teach Oriental Food Therapy.     

For more information call (813) 531-4900 or send us an email to

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