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Conscious Mind Mastery Conference

Get Ready to Travel into the World of Energy,
Breath, Emotions and the Power of the Mind.
  • Explore the Wisdom of Ancient Traditions
  • Experience Qi Gong from the Wu Dang Mountains
  • Tap into the Heart Quantum Field Connection
  • Let Go of Emotional Challenges
  • Create Optimal Health through HeartMath® Coherence Techniques

The Conference

March 13, 2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tampa Marriott Water Street
700 S Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602-5404
(adjacent to Convention Center and steps form the Tampa Riverwalk)
Regular Tickets: $90
Couple Special: $160
Group Special (Get 5 pay for 4): $360
Attend Conscious Mind Mastery and Take Advantage of this Unique Learning Opportunity:

  • Discover ancient beliefs and techniques from Asia with cutting edge modern science to help you live a more healthy life, create and maintain a positive mind, free yourself from your own emotional limitations, shift your life and embark on a journey of pure unlimited potential.

  • Learn how the emotional stresses, events and situations in your past become your emotional baggage and how it shapes who you are today.  Also, in this class, you will realize how this emotional baggage is affecting you, influencing your whole life experience, and you will learn how to cut this baggage to finally be able to move forward in life.​

  • Experience and go through a full day of conditioning, clearing, reprogramming, along with visualization meditations, and Qi (chi) Gong exercises.

  • Discover how to integrate essential oil formulas and use them on acupuncture points.   Learn 6 essential oil combinations that have been designed to create a specific outcome that we will apply to a specific set of acupuncture points to promote a miraculous transformation within you, unlocking your true potential and releasing the limitations that prevent you from escalating. ​

  • Learn how you can consciously tap into your subconscious mind and your magnetic potential to influence events, people, circumstances, things, and situations including your health, with methods the ancient masters have left us from thousands of years ago.

  • Discover what constitutes your energy field, where does it come from, and how it plays a role in the creation of your life and everything that surrounds you. Learn how to tap the Matrix or Quantum Field with ancient Qi (chi) Gong techniques and ancient meditation techniques that have survived time and can assist you to release emotional stresses and baggage.

  • Learn to identify and remove your emotional masks that were created from your emotional traumas and experiences that actually limit your full potential. Identify why you can't get the things you want,  what is holding you back, and preventing from reaching your true potential.​

  • Find which self-limiting factors are showing up in your life in the form of repeating patterns, thoughts, events, emotions, habits, and more. Then, come up with a solution to change and get through these blockages.​

  • Learn why we have negative thoughts, where they come from, and why unwanted events and situations keep repeating according to what is in your energy field and what you are projecting. 

  • Master the art of aligning yourself to greater possibilities and to upgrade your energy field through the application of techniques that have prevailed for thousands of years. Get ready to magnetize your life to achieve all your dreams!



“Incredible! Interactive! Invigorating!"
– Kimberly J.
“I got so much out of the seminar. My brain was full of information, my heart was full of “oneness” and my spirit felt freer. Thanks!”
– Anne C.
“Truly life changing, mind, body, and spirit”
– Madeline O.

Conscious Mind Mastery

What is Conscious Mind Mastery?

We are a team of holistic practitioners and coaches with many years of experience in the field of Natural Health, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Food Therapy, Environmental Sustainability, Life Purpose, and more. 

Many individuals are struggling with poor health, stress, unhappiness in today’s world. We are becoming a society used to a fast pace rhythm and have become used to the popular marketed quick fix mentality. 

By learning how to live a life in harmony with nature and nurturing our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we will regain our wellbeing and live a fulfilled life while pursuing our dreams. 

Here at Conscious Mind Mastery we offer proven tools, wisdom, and methods that we have been teaching for many years to our patients and students at past conferences. 

Our ultimate purpose is to help in the movement of raising the consciousness of humanity to live in harmony with our mother earth, preserving it, nurturing it, while benefiting from its abundance.


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