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Fire Diet Healing System


This is not a diet but instead a way of living. It teaches one to understand themselves and how to use food at a high level to synchronize one with nature, biorhythms, and the local environment. It is a spiritual way to approach food. To always balance oneself with food choices through the understanding of yin and yang, 5 elements, 9 parameters of health, and some western science regarding the microbiome. This program is more like a school and it is designed to be completed in 17 weeks. The sessions are taught in a holistic manner. They build the foundation using logic, western science, and Chinese medicine along with some thought of Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine. You will learn the functions of various food categories. You will construct your diet based on the 6 body types in a way that provides your body with balance and hence healing the symptoms you are currently experiencing. You will experience a health transformation because your body will gain optimal function and achieve the level of balance necessary to activate the self-healing mechanism. No more guessing or limitations. Only expansion and confidence of the foods that you will choose to nurture yourself.

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3 Month Payment Plan


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