Voice Your Message with
Power and Clarity

Free Online 90-Minute Workshop
January 15th @ 3:00 pm

Our world is constantly changing and we are living in a time that is very different from what we knew before.  You know that you have an important message to share which can bring the healing and transformation much needed by humanity and our mother earth.  You have been seeking wisdom and applying it in your own life and now it’s time to RAISE UP! And become the LEADER you are meant to be!


Are you ready to follow your calling and your purpose? 


The time is NOW! 


In this workshop, you will...

  1. Craft your powerful transformational message which inspires and empowers others
  2. Identify the goals that align with your purpose and mission
  3. Strategize your most effective next steps in a way that allows you to achieve massive progress

The power to heal the world
is within you…

You know we can't wait any longer.  You know it is time to redirect ourselves to a path of consciousness and love. You have a mission and an important role in the restoration of our humanity and our mother earth.  

If you’re tired of feeling that you are not making the impact you know you are meant to make. And, if you are tired of dedicating your time to other things that are not in alignment with your mission and purpose. Then, join me in stepping up and voicing the message you are meant to share!


Claudia Fontanini M.B.A

I am a transformational coach, wisdom seeker, homeschooling mother, and nature lover. I have spent many years learning from many amazing teachers the keys to help me live my life to my fullest potential.

My purpose is:


To inspire and assist you in discovering your life purpose, matching it with your talents and gifts, and pursuing this purpose as your mission, while having fun and living an abundant and fulfilling life.

Need More Details?

The workshop is 90 minutes long

Be ready to participate and take notes!

This live workshop will be on
Saturday, January 15th
3:00pm - 4:30pm

You will be tuning into this training in the comfort of your own home. 

Let's do this! Get ready to share your message and make massive positive impact!