Get ready for an experience of a lifetime. Submerge yourself in a pristine rain forest region of Costa Rica near the small town La Fortuna.  This is a unique place where the vegetation and crops are vibrant due to the high mineral volcanic soil of the region.  Situated near the Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna offers an array of natural treasures from Hot Springs of the highest mineral content, to majestic waterfalls that will fill your body with powerful negative ions.

Restore, refresh, rejuvenate!

We are so excited to invite you to this special retreat that we have designed with the goal to help you accomplish a body, mind, and spirit transformation. This is a 6 day carefully crafted program that includes:
  • A full day focused on detoxing your body with fresh local coconut water, fresh local fruit/herb smoothies, and high mineralized fresh water from the volcano region.
  • Vegetarian meals made from mostly organic food, which is mainly organically grown in the local volcanic soil and watered with highly ionized rain water from the rain forest region. 
  • Acupuncture treatments utilizing a unique approach based on the Yi Jing wisdom.
  • Various guided tours such as Cacao/Chocolate Farm Tour, Organic Farm Tour, Sugar Cane and Coffee Tour, La Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal Volcano hiking trails, and more.
  • Tapping on the ancient healing benefits of bathing in Hot Springs located in beautiful settings among tropical forest vegetation.
  • Daily guided Tai chi, Qi Gong, Dao Yin (Chinese Yoga), meditations and teachings held in a variety of settings such a "Rancho de Cacao" (a super unique and awesome traditional Costa Rican structure), and also in nature during our adventures (can’t tell too much as it’s a surprise).
Teachings are vast covering multiple topics such as: permaculture, local organic farming, sustainability, food preparation and cooking methods, Chinese Medicine, use and benefits of Costa Rican and other global herbs for health and longevity, energetic flow in the body, Qi Gong foundations, lay lines of the earth, vortexes, ancient Chinese concepts of nourishing life for health and longevity, quantum physic ideas and concepts, types of energy in the environment such as ions, electrons, photons, why they are important, where they come from and any significance, 5 Elements, Yin Yang, Ba Gua and Numerology, plus others relevant to the topic and timing. Everything will connect and be part of special teaching to help your life.

Pura vida!

Our upcoming Conscious Mind Mastery Retreat dates are March 11th to the 18th, 2020. We have limited capacity in the area where we are staying at and can only accommodate 12 people. 
To obtain more information contact Claudia Fontanini at 813-531-4900 or at
Call soon to secure your spot!
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