The Fire Diet Healing System

 Free Online 90-Minute Workshop
January 9th  @ 12:00 pm

Have you been looking to learn an effective healing system that empowers you to confidently take your health into your own hands to break disease and promote self-healing?


Hi, this is Dr. Justin, and I am so excited to introduce you to a healing system that I have created after twenty-plus years of research and application in my private acupuncture practice.


The Fire Diet is not just another one-size-fits-all, standardized, cookie-cut approach. Instead, it is a roadmap that follows universal laws and principles that work in harmony with the natural cycles of nature to bring forth a powerful holistic restoration and balance of the human being.
As the ancient saying goes, “When in balance, no disease can exist.”


In this workshop, you will...

  1. Learn one of the Nine Foundational Parameters of Health of the Fire Diet Healing System. 
  2. Perform a self-assessment process where you will discover what body type category you fall into based on this Foundational Parameter
  3. Access the corresponding tips, foods, lifestyle, and recommendations that match your body type to bring forth balance, more energy, and faster healing. All based on the time-tested principles and wisdom of Oriental Medicine.

We’ll Be Honest…

We have seen the frustration and overwhelm of thousands of patients over the past 12 years from trying multiple diets and meal plans only to find themselves defeated from not achieving long-lasting results. 

If you’re tired of feeling stuck or just knowing your health could and SHOULD be better (but not having the tools to actually make it better), we are here to tell you that by learning the Fire Diet Healing System, you will gain access to an advanced knowledge that can bring your body back to perfect balance and optimal function.



As your body restores its balance,
you will:

  • have more energy,

  • prevent pain and disease,

  • gain mental clarity,

  • live with more joy,

  • sleep better,

  • enjoy better relationships,

  • recover the stamina to pursue your life dreams,

  • and live a fulfilled life.

"Wonderful! Thank you Dr. Justin and Claudia! Very valuable info!"

Jessica L.

“Truly life changing – mind, body, and spirit”

Madeline O.


I'm Justin Fontanini

Justin Fontanini, DOM

I’m a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician and Certified Herbalist.  I’ve practiced over 16 years and have performed over 40,000 acupuncture treatments. I’m a certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor with over 20 years of practical experience. I’m the Co-founder of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies, Conscious Mind Mastery training programs and an international speaker with a passion to teach and help those who are looking for a way to improve their life and happiness.

I'm Claudia Fontanini

I am a life coach, wisdom seeker, homeschooling mother, and nature lover. I have spent many years learning from many amazing teachers the keys to help me live my life to my fullest potential and I am passionate to teach others the tools and hacks that can cause true health and life transformation. 


I’m the Co-founder and Clinic Manager of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies where we have helped thousands of patients in their journey to well-being through natural and safe effective approaches. 

Need More Details?

The workshop is 90 minutes long

Be ready to participate and take notes!

This live workshop will be on
Sunday, January 9th
12:00pm - 1:30pm

You will be tuning into this training in the comfort of your own home. 

Be sure to take advantage of this class, as the information that we are going to share can make the difference between continuing being vulnerable to disease and thriving with vibrant health while pursuing your most desired dreams and goals!